A guarantor payday loan is not always necessary for negative entry. Read when a guarantor with negative entry is a dispensable help.

Payday loan with guarantor in case of negative entry – the situation

The payday loan situation with a negative entry entry is often described as perceived hopelessness. Tedious payday loan attempts, usually at the house bank, are stifled by the clerk in the bud. The reactions of the addressed employees are of complete ignorance, it will not even make an appointment, to the hilt. Understanding the difficult financial situation seems to have no significance for many “ordinary” banks.

There is a desperate search for payday loan solutions on the internet. Self-confidence has already reached zero by this time. This is the reason why dubious intermediaries can do such good deals with the hope of getting a payday loan. Instead of providing a payday loan or rejecting it clearly, insurance, often savings or dubious funds are sold. Only when the last liquid funds have been used up, then the cancellation comes fluttering into the house.

Correct payday loan offers of intermediaries

Correct payday loan offers of intermediaries

Inevitably, such a career is not. Instead of an unknown intermediary, an established company, such as Bon Kredit, could be commissioned to mediate. No matter which company is commissioned, always:

The conclusion of other contracts than just a payday loan agreement despite negative entry is rejected in principle. Experienced brokers know the market. Within a short time, you can determine whether a payday loan with a guarantor in the case of a negative entry makes sense in an individual payday loan case. Long skirmishes complicated brokerage contracts are always a bad sign.

The alternative: It is also possible for negative entry to take the payday loan search successfully in the hand.

Self-initiative – search for a payday loan without an intermediary

Self-initiative - search for a payday loan without an intermediary

To be successful in finding a payday loan, a payday loan intermediary is not always necessary. Money can be saved when looking for a payday loan on your own initiative. To know a guarantor is good, but some payday loan requests without entry can be fulfilled without guarantors. payday loans exist when pursuing employment subject to social security contributions. In addition, no entry in the public debtor directory may be present.

According to operator information, there are chances of success for a payday loan despite bad entry for payday loan seekers who have retained at least a medium score. The score H can be achieved if a negative entry entry is marked with the note completed.

It is particularly promising, instead of applying for a payday loan with a guarantor in the case of negative entry, to offer the payday loan collateral over a tangible asset. payday loan requests in which payday loan protection is offered via the vehicle have particularly good chances of success.

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