The instant payday loan with negative entry is for many payday loan seekers a way to quickly and easily come out of a financial trap. Bringing a payday loan seeker the appropriate conditions such as sufficient creditworthiness and a positive entry, so is lending to nothing.

But German banks are making a payday loan commitment dependent on the entry rating. It must be said that this entry rating does not reflect the actual financial situation of the client. Each entry entry remains valid for three years, as well as long-paid claims. This leads to the rejection of credit even if the return of the payday loan is given without trouble.

This could be demonstrated by means of payroll statements and account statements. Anyone who has noted entries in his entry must reckon with the regular banks with a rejection, as this makes their payday loan commitment by the entry. But there are alternatives for an instant payday loan with negative entry.

Instant payday loan with negative entry

Instant payday loan with negative entry

The solution provides for the credit of foreign banks. For these banks, entry is not at the forefront of the payday loan commitment, they focus on other priorities. So should payday loan seekers who opt for a payday loan, so the foreign credit is colloquially called, in conjunction with a credit intermediary. These credit intermediaries work with several foreign banks and can offer some offers to customers, provided the conditions are right.

The prerequisites for an instant payday loan with negative entry include a regularly incoming and stable work income, a permanent employment contract, a German residence and a German current account. If these conditions are met, there is nothing in the way of an instant payday loan with negative entry.

Pay attention to the serious credit brokerage

Nevertheless, the prospect should pay attention to a few things when deciding on a credit intermediary. Especially in this business are some black sheep on the go, which have it apart only on the money of the customer. Thus, the terms of the contract should be checked carefully with the appropriate provider. The ideal case, of course, provides for direct contact with one of the foreign banks. But this application can prove difficult and lengthy.

Services are offered on the Internet by banks, but these are also provided by a provider who also charges his fees. Payment in advance should be paid under no circumstances in a credit intermediary, which is dubious. A reputable credit broker will inform and advise their clients about any extra costs before the payday loan is paid out. Sometimes the commission is also charged with the payday loan.

An instant payday loan with negative entry can be applied for online. Usually, the payday loan seeker receives the immediate promise after a few hours. However, the payment of the money will take up to three days, because the necessary documents such as payroll and possibly bank statements must be checked. This is done by mail, which of course takes a few days.
Another tip for the payday loan seeker, he should make sure that the interest for the entire term are fixed, as the lender can increase this otherwise at any time.

Credit at negative entry is slightly more expensive than a normal payday loan, it is already in the double-digit range. But there are lenders moving at a 20% interest rate, but you should not accept that.

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