The main characteristics of loans for pensioners over 80 years . Let’s see how the funding for this specific category of customers works. All you need to know about the solutions offered by and the main banks and financial institutions. How to make the request for the desired amount and the necessary documentation to submit the application.

Loans for retired people aged 80 and over: how to apply to

Loans for retired people aged 80 and over: how to apply to


On this page we will see how you can apply for a loan for seniors over 80 years of age. The best financing formula in circulation is the transfer of the fifth to pensioners up to 90 years . This solution is offered directly by the National Institute of Social Security, and offers particularly convenient conditions for the retired class. In particular, the characteristics that make the sale of the fifth rather attractive are, first of all, the fact of providing for fixed and never too high installments , given that at most they will correspond to one fifth of the net pension received. In addition, the installment will be held directly by , and we will not have to worry about the monthly deadline.

The funding offered by is often identified with the name of the institution that used to manage these products, so we are still talking about Inpdap loans . These are then divided into two sub-categories: small loans , with a duration of one to four years, and multi-year loans , which may provide for a five-year or ten-year repayment. Retirees over 80 years old can choose both solutions, as the maximum age is set at 90 years at the end of the repayment . Therefore, in order to request the assignment of the fifth , it is necessary that by adding to the customer’s age the duration of the chosen loan, the result is less than or equal to 90.

What should a pensioner do to request the assignment of the fifth ? The first thing to do is to ask the Institute for notification of the transferability of the pension . This can be requested at any of the offices located on the national territory, and that can be searched directly through the appropriate online search procedure. This document will specify the maximum payment that can be dealt with by the customer. To request the assignment of the fifth for the over eighty years it is therefore necessary to go to a bank or financial institution that provides this form of financing by presenting the notification of transferability of the pension. In fact, is not a credit institution, and limits itself to defining agreements with some banks and financial institutions, as we will see in the following paragraphs. In any case, however, we repeat that to request the transfer of the fifth of the pension is not enough to contact the .



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