Payday loan despite several loans – fast & low interest

In many German households several financings are running simultaneously for different investments. Since there is no quantitative limit for payday loan transactions in Germany, additional payday loan is possible despite several loans .

The sums that can be provided by the different lenders vary from lender to lender. An important criterion is almost always the remark and the payday loan rating.

In a nutshell – explained in 5 sentences

  • Doing more than just a repayment obligation is not uncommon
  • That’s why additional payday loan, in addition to current payday loan, is basically one of the everyday business transactions of every bank
  • Nevertheless, it can be problematic to apply for the individual payday loan
  • The connected comparison makes the search easier for you
  • Quite simply – now directly – without obligation apply for the desired payday loan and the software helps in real time

Payday loan despite several loans 

Payday loan despite several loans 

In many cases, this bank has a very good and long business relationship. Bank customers who want to apply for a payday loan despite having several payday loans from their house bank must arrange a consultation appointment in their branch bank.

Bank customers normally only need to bring a valid ID card to the appointment with the responsible clerk. All the data that is important for a payday loan application has the bank stored in the computer.

In the branch, the applicant must sign the remark clause. Thus, the institute is entitled to obtain a remark statement.

Based on the remark and the available data in the PC, the payday loan rating is calculated. If the payday loan rating is sufficient, another payday loan can be granted.

Limited payday loan requires additional collateral.

Payday loan – that’s what the banks accept

Payday loan - that

In Germany, payday loans are not limited. This means that consumers are allowed to borrow as many as they can afford.

Anyone who wants to borrow from a bank despite having several payday loans, therefore, needs a good payday loan rating. Having a good payday loan rating ensures that the borrower can always service his payday loan installments on time.

If the payday loan rating is limited, additional collateral can help. As additional collateral, many financial institutions accept various property and personal securities.

As collateral, consumers can offer banks fixed savings, real estate assets, stocks or even valuable works of art. If you can not offer this collateral, you need a second applicant or a guarantor if your payday loan rating is limited.

The second applicant is a longtime partner in question. For a married person, the co-applicant is the husband or wife.

If an applicant lives alone, a guarantor can continue to help. Guarantors often come from the close environment of the borrower.

Whether a guarantor is accepted by a bank depends on its liquidity.

Online and direct banks – additional payday loan from the Internet

More and more consumers are asking for payday loans on the Internet. The payday loans of the online and direct banks are often much cheaper than the payday loan offers of the branch banks.

In addition, the installment payday loans can be conveniently applied from home. In order for consumers to find the cheapest payday loan offer, a payday loan comparison pays off on a comparison portal for consumer payday loan.

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