Houston Texas Residents Are Raving About Spray Foam Insulation

Houston Texas Residents Are Raving About Spray Foam Insulation

Houston Texas Residents Are Raving About Spray Foam Insulation

Therm Seal Insulation Houston TXDo you live in the Houston, Texas area? If so, what if we were to tell you that you can improve your way of life just by hiring a company called Therm-Seal Insulation? The name alone is enough to give you a hint that spray foam insulation is the key to giving your home a new lease on life. Many people overlook that the energy efficiency of a home depends on way more than just getting good appliances. In fact, spray foam insulation can save you hundreds of dollars each year in heating and cooling costs.

There are a lot of ways that heat can escape from your home, and many homeowners believe that it only happens through the windows. The fact is that heat escapes through thin walls, gaps under the windows, and by filtering out of cracks and crevices. The older your home is, the more you will undoubtedly notice that it’s harder to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Spray foam insulation is a wonderful way to seal in the gaps and ensure that your home is well insulated throughout all types of weather.

Apart from keeping your home at a constant comfortable indoor room temperature, you can also find that you’re less likely to notice humidity and condensation. Spray foam can completely seal off your home from the elements, and of course, make staying indoors reasonably more comfortable.

Are you scared about insects invading your home? If so, you’re definitely not the only homeowner to have trouble with common household pests. It is very fortunate that spray foam insulation seals off all entrances that make your home desirable to insects and rodents. You will find that the cost of insulation pretty much pays for itself as your home is much less prone to damage by the elements and nature.

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Spray foam is made from polyurethane and it is much more reliable than traditional fiberglass insulation used in older homes. For one, you will find that the foam used by Therm-Seal Insulation contains no toxic components and it is free of formaldehyde. Additionally, another benefit that homeowners find with this type of foam is that it doesn’t inhibit the growth of mold by producing food for bacteria and fungi.

Our ozone layer is of course more important than ever, and we must do everything in our power to ensure that the things we do from this day on will not cause further depletion. Fortunately, foam insulation doesn’t harm our atmosphere, and it holds up well over the years. It can withstand the test of time, and offers the most flexibility, as it can grow accustomed to different weather patterns and climates.

Spray foam insulation is not something that you can install yourself, which is why you need the help of a reliable company that is going to get the job done. Therm-Seal Insulation is a leader in foam insulation, and Dallas Texas residents are raving about their levels of service!

Ocean Seven Roofing And Spray Foam Insulation

Ocean Seven Roofing And Spray Foam Insulation

orange county foam roof insulation
Ocean Seven Roofing And Spray Foam Insulation around Ventura County CA:

Insulation has long been overlooked by people because it does not have the appeal of other renovation proects and the aesthetic changes that can be made by going down that path. However, when it comes to true investments that are going to yield positive results, you are not going to get anything as good as what you can get with spray foam insulation. So, if you don’t look at this you are not going to be as happy as you could have been. Here is a look at a few options for you to keep in mind.

Better Energy Savings

This is where you are going to be focused as you want to save on your energy bills. What is the point of paying so much when you don’t have to? This is why insulation is the best place to fix and do your renovations.

Your budget should be focused here as the long term gains are going to be through the roof and you are going to love it as needed.

The savings are going to be fantastic for you and your wallet.

Most people feel this is one of the major reasons for why this is the way to go for one and all. It simply makes the most sense and is the energy savings are truly going to add up as time goes on. You are going to notice the impact immediately.


A lot of people are not going to realize this, but the amount of energy consumption that people have is going to impact the planet around you and that is something you need to be aware of. This is something everyone should be aware of.

To make sure you are doing your part in helping keep the planet healthy, you should be taking a look at getting better insulation as it is going to let you use less energy on a regular basis, which is always important.

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It is these reasons that are going to make sure you are getting the kind of results that are needed in this day and age. Why waste time with a solution that is not going to cut it when you can go with one that is going to yield fantastic results? It is simply all about saving money and you will be doing that with this option in the short and long term.

Using The Spray Foam Insulation

Using The Spray Foam Insulation

Silence can really be gold when it comes to the rooms of your house. The problem is that the sound, like air, can pass through the walls of your home and ruin the peace of your free time.

The spray foam insulation prevents noise from interrupting your inner filling the wall cavities where no other forms of insulation. As a bonus, you will make your home more comfortable and more energy efficient.

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The Preparation:

Locate and mark the beams along the wall where try to isolate sound, using a detector and a pencil beams. It also locates and marks the location of any member 2 by 4 horizontal block installed between the beams as fire protection.

Tape a piece of cloth, plastic covering of 4-5 feet (121.92 to 152.4 cm) from the floor in front of the wall. Place a few damp cloths aside to clean up any spills.

Three holes drilled 3/4 inch (1.90 cm) in each cavity wall. The first hole should be between 30-32 inches (76.2 to 81.28 cm) above the floor, the second must be 32 inches (81.28 cm) above the first and the last should be just below the ceiling . You may have to adjust this spacing to accommodate the locking or other obstructions such as wiring and electrical boxes and ceiling height.

Purchase equipment foam. Most manufacturers provide a simple formula for the amount of foam that you need based on the square footage of the wall.

Dress with the proper safety equipment. This includes a NIOSH approved respirator for use with spraying polyurethane foam materials, safety glasses, protective clothing and nitrite gloves. Most manufacturers offer complete safety kits containing all these components.

How you Will Spray Foam

Shake the foam containers for a minute or two. Connect one end of the hose to the vessel and the other end to the gun.

Open the container valve. Hold the gun with the nozzle inserted into a lower hole and press the trigger. Slowly count to 13 and stop spraying.

Check the hole. The foam should be growing within the wall to the level of next hole. If you start to break the hole, use a cloth to block the opening.

Replace the nozzle of the gun. The nozzle will clog if you allow the gun to sit for more than 30 seconds. Move to the next lower hole in the cavity wall and spraying begins. Adjust your account to reflect the actual time it took for the foam to reach the hole above.

Spray foam until all cavities in the second hole, working from side to side and then repeats the process until the top of the wall cavities. Replaces the nozzle whenever difficult to spray the foam.

Fill the gaps with a compound wall, líjala when dry and paint the wall. Remove the cloth and discard it along with protective clothing and gloves.