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The financial problems faced by some households continue to grow today and this may be unfortunately your case. You are not alone where appropriate and many people have already thought about redeeming their credit in order to reduce their monthly payments. Is it really possible to do that? We will bring you more explanations on this subject through this article.

  • Tips for Successful Consolidation of Payday Loans
  • Does it work for a student loan?
  • And for a mortgage, how does it work?

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By simple definition, payday loan consolidation via PaydayLoanHelpers is an action carried out by a natural or legal person who aims to consolidates payday loans into one.

First of all, note that a grouping of credits is not something trivial but rather very serious and that it is up to you not to take lightly because it commits you to your creditor. Do not hesitate to rely on a recognized banking institution that will be able to offer you personalized financing that will not be detrimental to your financial needs.

Doing a credit redemption should not prevent you from reapplying for a loan with your bank. You will just have to reassure the establishment with which you will work regarding the repayment of credits that you will make for the purchase or the new one.

Can we buy a student loan?

As the name suggests, a student loan is a loan made by a student at a specific university so that he or she can continue to study properly. However, be aware that this type of credit can be easily redeemed if all the conditions for it are met. 
Indeed, the action can only be done if the learner switches to an active life. In this case, he will no longer have to study, but will surely commit himself to the professional world. He will then be able to buy back the loan he has previously made if he was the sole guarantor. However, he will have to opt for a loan consolidation in case his old loan has been guaranteed by his parents.

And regarding real estate credit then

Like the student loan, a home loan can also be bought back and it is even, by its nature and the amounts paid that it causes one of the loans most often targeted by the repurchase of credit. 
To be successful in this matter, you must have a valid reason and the means necessary to make the repayment so that the bank meets your expectations.

If the credit buy is feasible for a student loan or real estate, however, avoid the maximum to buy a credit of less than a year, because it will cost you much more expensive in the end than an older loan.

Rolling the loan – what is it?

Rolling the loan – what is it and what is it?

Rolling the loan - what is it and what is it?

Many consumers, which is not difficult to predict, re-bought the loan extension service, increasing the amount of the obligation to the lender. And it is the practice of continuing to extend the loan with the payment of appropriate fees, which is usually referred to as the rollover of a loan.

The situation on the loan market has improved due to the so-called anti-usury law. However, the problem still exists – only on a smaller scale.

What changed? The anti-usury law restricts the maximum amount of costs that can be imposed for extending the repayment date – up to 25% of the loan value. As a result, many companies have completely withdrawn this service from their offer. Others began to provide it under refinancing. Subsequently, they have adapted to the new regulations, limiting, for example, the availability of the service (only once) or further providing it with unlimited payments.

Rolling the loan – the everyday life of the loan market

Therefore, although the cost of extending the loan is now a bit smaller, it is still possible for many lenders to fall into the trap of rolling the loan. And this despite tightening the control of clients’ creditworthiness to avoid the phenomenon of lending money to precarious people.

The problem continues all the time. Many do not realize it, approaching the issue of continuing to extend the repayment period as a salvation from potential problems. Indeed, in the perspective of several months or even years, the continuous purchase of additional time to repay the loan is therefore a permanent incurring of additional costs. After adding up, they can be even more than the original financial commitment!

Why is rolling a loan dangerous?

The basic problem that is associated with rolling costs of the loan is, first of all, the mentioned – deepening of your debt to the loan company. If, despite buying extra days to collect money to be returned to the loan company, this has not been done – for fear of recovery, many buy the service once again.

When the situation repeats, the financial arrears against the lender only grow – and the consumer does not gain anything. He only distances himself from the spectrum of debt collection, which paradoxically becomes more and more inevitable. The service of extending the repayment date may turn out to be just as dangerous a tool for people with a bad financial situation, like taking a short time.

You realize your unstable situation, but you count on the rescue board?

Taking into account the above-mentioned information, it is worth to be aware of the risks usually brought by the advertised service of extending the loan term or refinancing.

If you have good credit standing, however, it is aware of the unstable financial situation – under no circumstances can you consider the service of extending the repayment term for collateral “in case of”. The way to fall into the trap of rolling a loan (and a false sense of avoiding troubles) is then simple. What is worse, the situation may result in widening the debt area or replacing one financial trouble with another.

Many borrowers often take short-stays in other companies to pay back any arrears of the existing institution. Such a situation may in turn lead to falling into a debt loop, i.e. having debts in several loan companies.

Small loan for retirees in comparison


The credit comparison for pensioner loans, unfortunately, not only promotes pleasing. The small loan for pensioners is almost always more expensive than for young people. This is not due to the annual percentage rate of charge. In the effective interest rates, the additional costs do not even appear, it is the obligation to sign a residual debt insurance. Only a few opportunities for a loan on fair terms remain.

Small loan for retirees in comparison – costs of residual debt insurance

Small loan for retirees in comparison - costs of residual debt insurance

With age, it is not the physical strength that leaves a person first. It is the usual credit rating, which noticeably decreases already from the age of 50 years. First of all, it’s the big loan projects that make financing increasingly difficult. For the house financing suddenly a huge amount of equity becomes necessary. Self-financed real estate loans are increasingly illusory above the age of 60. Around the age of 65 it is already beginning to be difficult to find a cheap microcredit for retirees.

At first, everything looks the same. The APR does not differ from the offers for the younger generation. The small loan for pensioners is in comparison still more expensive. Most of the lenders demand a residual debt insurance. Even consumers of high pensions, according to consumer associations and newspaper publishers, are not excluded from this development. The costs of the residual debt insurance are measured according to the age. They are included in the loan amount, although they do not cover the annual percentage rate of charge.

Alternatives for the financing request

Really always recommendable alternatives, which are not available at the providers. On-line special offerers, which expressly renounce a remaining debt insurance, could offer an alternative. Better regarded than in the credit market of professional credit institutions is the pensioner loan from private. The small loan for pensioners is in the comparison between personal loan and bank credit associated with slightly higher interest rates. A compensation is created by the possible waiver of the residual debt insurance.

In addition, the offers of department store loans are still easily possible for the 65+ generation. The new washing machine or the new TV set can still be easily ordered from the merchandisers on credit. The situation only changes for the 70+ generation. Anyone over the age of 70 hardly has a chance of getting a loan on fair terms. The risk of loan default by the death of the borrower no lender wants to go.

Credit over 70 – the kids should help

Credit over 70 - the kids should help

Anyone who is 70 years old today will not die on the following day anyway. The Germans live longer, even if they then no longer get a fair credit. The only way out is credit by the children.

They should give back some of what they have enjoyed in youth. For problems with credit as an apprentice or for the driver’s license have always signed the parents. The signature for small credit for pensioners compared to help in youth is only a fair compensation.

Small loan for the unemployed

Even if you may not believe it at first glance, a small loan for the unemployed will be forgiven more often than you might think. The reason for this is the fact that unemployment is no longer a rarity. Was this almost unknown a few decades ago, it occurs today in every profession.

As soon as a company gets into difficulties, employees are dismissed. Nobody is more protected from it and anyone can do it anytime. But unemployment has many consequences. First, these are the financial ones. From now on, an income breaks away and shrinks to a much smaller part together. And also the psyche suffers very much. People who are unemployed are often of the opinion that they are no longer needed and have no chance of finding a new job anyway.

A change brings job and money

But usually you can move a lot with a change. A move to another city, further education or even the step into self-employment can very quickly lead back out of unemployment. Unfortunately, these steps usually require money, which hardly anyone in such a situation should have on the high edge. A loan must therefore ago. A small loan for the unemployed.

Invest in the future

Invest in the future

Who wants to take a small loan for the unemployed to invest in their own future. Will always be of interest to the banks. Even if they demand a lot of collateral, they will try to find the collateral with the unemployed somehow. So the first step will be to find a co-applicant for the loan. Many banks wish that this comes from the family of the borrower and has the highest possible income.

Furthermore, the bank will check if there may be material collateral. Many consumers today own a home or have invested in a condo. In addition, almost everyone drives a car, has insurance or somewhere fixed money. All these securities could also pave the way for a small loan for the unemployed. And once the bank has agreed to this loan, it is also possible to look positively back to the future. Because just then, if you want to invest in the future through the loan, there are many doors open. And that’s what drives everyone.

Request for small loan

In this article we provide all the useful information about the small loan , updated to 2019. Let’s see how the tables for the calculation of the payment of our loan provided work . Finally all you need to know about the request for renewal and early repayment of the loan, to see any costs or penalties.

How the Small 2019 Loan works: main features

How the Small 2019 Loan works: main features

The small loan is one of the two forms of financing provided . That said it would seem a contradiction, and in fact it is in part like that. loans have been managed for many years , but are still identified with the name of the old institution to identify the type of loan we are talking about, given that the characteristics are actually the same as before. Obviously the main difference between the two options lies in the amount that we can request. The maximum amount that we can apply with the small loan is not fixed as usually happens with personal loans provided by banks. In this case, in fact, the sum of money that can be requested depends on the salary or pension received by the applicant. In particular, it is possible to receive from a minimum of one up to a maximum of eight months, depending on the duration we will choose for reimbursement.

As for the duration of the small loan , this part from a minimum of one year up to a maximum of four years. As specified on the regulation that we find on the website , every year we can choose to repay a monthly payment or two months, based on the total amount we need and the monthly payment we intend to pay. So choosing the maximum duration, combined with the option of double monthly payments , we arrive at the maximum sum to which we can have access. Not all customers can request the maximum amount just described, because we must consider some additional constraint that is decisive in this regard. The agreed repayment installments must not exceed 20% of the net monthly receipt received from the customer. Furthermore, it should be specified that the double-monthly loan application is reserved exclusively for those who do not have any other deductions in progress from their salary or pension. Otherwise, the amount to which the customer will have access will go from a minimum of one month’s salary, with the annual loan, up to a maximum of four months, with the four-year loan.

Small loans can therefore be considered loans through the transfer of the fifth . There are several advantages of this form of loan. First of all, as we have already said, the monthly repayment installment never exceeds one fifth of the salary or net pension received, and therefore does not constitute an excessively high economic commitment. In addition, the amount we will pay each month will be deducted directly from the paycheck , and therefore we will not have to worry about making the payment each month before the specified expiration date. In general, small loans represent an excellent opportunity , which is usually advantageous compared to personal loans offered by banks. In the next paragraphs we will see to whom these particular loans are addressed.

To whom the Small Loans are addressed: necessary requirements

If you are looking for a small loan, then the most convenient solution is the one offered . When choosing the ideal financing, however, it is not enough to see the economic characteristics offered, because a fundamental aspect to consider is that of the required requisites , to see to whom these loans are addressed. As you probably already clear from the preceding paragraphs, to be able to apply for small loans are employees and retirees. Therefore, self-employed workers such as freelancers are excluded from the list of customers who can benefit from this treatment, who obviously can not obtain a loan by assignment of the fifth, since they do not have a paycheck. In particular, small loans are aimed at employees and public sector pensioners.

Among the requisites required there is not to have a permanent contract. Employees on fixed-term contracts can also apply for the small loan. The only constraint that is specified on the regulation is that for which the maximum number of years that can be chosen for the duration must not exceed the number of years missing when the contract expires. The treatment received will therefore be the same as employees with permanent contracts. That of small loans offered is a great opportunity for bad payers , those who in the past have had problems in returning some funding received.



Loan with guarantor at negative entry

A guarantor payday loan is not always necessary for negative entry. Read when a guarantor with negative entry is a dispensable help.

Payday loan with guarantor in case of negative entry – the situation

The payday loan situation with a negative entry entry is often described as perceived hopelessness. Tedious payday loan attempts, usually at the house bank, are stifled by the clerk in the bud. The reactions of the addressed employees are of complete ignorance, it will not even make an appointment, to the hilt. Understanding the difficult financial situation seems to have no significance for many “ordinary” banks.

There is a desperate search for payday loan solutions on the internet. Self-confidence has already reached zero by this time. This is the reason why dubious intermediaries can do such good deals with the hope of getting a payday loan. Instead of providing a payday loan or rejecting it clearly, insurance, often savings or dubious funds are sold. Only when the last liquid funds have been used up, then the cancellation comes fluttering into the house.

Correct payday loan offers of intermediaries

Correct payday loan offers of intermediaries

Inevitably, such a career is not. Instead of an unknown intermediary, an established company, such as Bon Kredit, could be commissioned to mediate. No matter which company is commissioned, always:

The conclusion of other contracts than just a payday loan agreement despite negative entry is rejected in principle. Experienced brokers know the market. Within a short time, you can determine whether a payday loan with a guarantor in the case of a negative entry makes sense in an individual payday loan case. Long skirmishes complicated brokerage contracts are always a bad sign.

The alternative: It is also possible for negative entry to take the payday loan search successfully in the hand.

Self-initiative – search for a payday loan without an intermediary

Self-initiative - search for a payday loan without an intermediary

To be successful in finding a payday loan, a payday loan intermediary is not always necessary. Money can be saved when looking for a payday loan on your own initiative. To know a guarantor is good, but some payday loan requests without entry can be fulfilled without guarantors. payday loans exist when pursuing employment subject to social security contributions. In addition, no entry in the public debtor directory may be present.

According to operator information, there are chances of success for a payday loan despite bad entry for payday loan seekers who have retained at least a medium score. The score H can be achieved if a negative entry entry is marked with the note completed.

It is particularly promising, instead of applying for a payday loan with a guarantor in the case of negative entry, to offer the payday loan collateral over a tangible asset. payday loan requests in which payday loan protection is offered via the vehicle have particularly good chances of success.

Instant payday loan with negative entry

The instant payday loan with negative entry is for many payday loan seekers a way to quickly and easily come out of a financial trap. Bringing a payday loan seeker the appropriate conditions such as sufficient creditworthiness and a positive entry, so is lending to nothing.

But German banks are making a payday loan commitment dependent on the entry rating. It must be said that this entry rating does not reflect the actual financial situation of the client. Each entry entry remains valid for three years, as well as long-paid claims. This leads to the rejection of credit even if the return of the payday loan is given without trouble.

This could be demonstrated by means of payroll statements and account statements. Anyone who has noted entries in his entry must reckon with the regular banks with a rejection, as this makes their payday loan commitment by the entry. But there are alternatives for an instant payday loan with negative entry.

Instant payday loan with negative entry

Instant payday loan with negative entry

The solution provides for the credit of foreign banks. For these banks, entry is not at the forefront of the payday loan commitment, they focus on other priorities. So should payday loan seekers who opt for a payday loan, so the foreign credit is colloquially called, in conjunction with a credit intermediary. These credit intermediaries work with several foreign banks and can offer some offers to customers, provided the conditions are right.

The prerequisites for an instant payday loan with negative entry include a regularly incoming and stable work income, a permanent employment contract, a German residence and a German current account. If these conditions are met, there is nothing in the way of an instant payday loan with negative entry.

Pay attention to the serious credit brokerage

Nevertheless, the prospect should pay attention to a few things when deciding on a credit intermediary. Especially in this business are some black sheep on the go, which have it apart only on the money of the customer. Thus, the terms of the contract should be checked carefully with the appropriate provider. The ideal case, of course, provides for direct contact with one of the foreign banks. But this application can prove difficult and lengthy.

Services are offered on the Internet by banks, but these are also provided by a provider who also charges his fees. Payment in advance should be paid under no circumstances in a credit intermediary, which is dubious. A reputable credit broker will inform and advise their clients about any extra costs before the payday loan is paid out. Sometimes the commission is also charged with the payday loan.

An instant payday loan with negative entry can be applied for online. Usually, the payday loan seeker receives the immediate promise after a few hours. However, the payment of the money will take up to three days, because the necessary documents such as payroll and possibly bank statements must be checked. This is done by mail, which of course takes a few days.
Another tip for the payday loan seeker, he should make sure that the interest for the entire term are fixed, as the lender can increase this otherwise at any time.

Credit at negative entry is slightly more expensive than a normal payday loan, it is already in the double-digit range. But there are lenders moving at a 20% interest rate, but you should not accept that.

Small loan comparison

Many consumers face financial difficulties at the end of the month. Short-term bridging of financial bottlenecks is becoming increasingly important for this reason, especially for small loans. Small loans are generally offered as short- or medium-term loans with a maturity of up to six months or maturities of six months to three years. A special form of small loan represents the small loan without remark.

A small loan comparison without remark helps to find a suitable small loan offer. The comparison of several small loans is today on the Internet on numerous finance portals, usually without remark information, possible. When comparing several providers, comparison on the Internet is of utmost importance today, as it is difficult to compare multiple loan offers due to the different interest, maturity, and repayment terms.

Secure small loans in comparison without remark on the best terms – that’s how easy it is

In the case of a small credit comparison without remark, borrowers should pay particular attention to the interest conditions, since in practice the greatest differences between the individual loan offers can be established. Basically, a distinction must be made between the target and effective interest rates. The debit interest only provides an adjusted interest rate. The amount of the debit interest is precisely fixed and independent of fees, maturities, loan amounts and repayment. The situation is different with regard to the effective interest rate.

The effective interest rate is variable in height and takes into account individual factors. For example, term and loan amount constitute significant risk and capital-binding factors, which are reflected in the level of the effective interest rate. The income of the borrower also influences. If you have a high and regular income, you have a better chance of getting a loan with a low effective interest rate. In the case of small loans, the remark is also taken into account in practice if it is not a small loan without remark. Here, the remark is not included in the credit check, but only the income weighted as a decision criterion for the credit rating.

Make small loan comparison without remark- The Internet offers numerous comparison options

Borrowers can find numerous comparisons on the internet. Today, financial portals in the internet enable a quick, free and independent comparison of several offers. By using a loan calculator, the search for the microcredit can be made even easier. By accurately specifying income, duration, usage, loan amount, etc., the borrower can limit the search for his own requirements and determine the most favorable financing solution. In advance consumers should make sure that it is a comparison that neither a remark catching up, nor personal information (name, address, etc.) weighted. Comparisons of this kind are considered dubious and should not be used for this reason.

Don’t neglect your health – get a payday loan for your medical expenses!

Today, unfortunately, young and old must deal with health problems. We often come across medical expenses that can blow up your family budget. What to do in these cases? In these situations the payday loan for medical expenses can help. Thanks to this type of financing it will be possible to obtain the necessary liquidity to face considerable medical expenses for personal care.

What can I request for a Medical Expense payday loan?

What can I request for a Medical Expense payday loan?

This type of payday loan may be required to deal with different types of treatments or treatments , such as:

  1. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments;
  2. surgical interventions;
  3. expenses for nursing homes and for the care of the sick and non self-sufficient persons;
  4. dental and dental care;
  5. beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery.

Different solutions to get a payday loan for medical expenses!

Different solutions to get a payday loan for medical expenses!

Not everyone who requests a payday loan has the same needs and circumstances. In order to best meet these needs in order to obtain a payday loan for medical expenses, there are various types of financing, such as a personal payday loan, finalized or with a salary or pension transfer. Let’s see in detail what they consist of.

With the Personal payday loan it will be possible to obtain additional liquidity , to be used in other ways, in addition to the amount necessary to cover medical expenses.

The finalized payday loan will help you to get the requested sum quickly and the payday loan can be subscribed directly in the center where the treatments or treatments are carried out.

The salary or pension assignment, which functions as a personal payday loan, will ensure that the installment is automatically deducted from salary or pension, and will not exceed 20% of the salary or pension.

To be able to obtain one of these financial solutions, obviously, it is necessary to have a reliable economic situation and not be reported as bad payers.

The loan providers team professionals will be at your side to guide you so that you can get the best financing according to your needs.

Request contact

For more information, the professionals of the loan providers team will be at your side to provide you with the ideal solution for your needs. Fill out the contact form and you will be promptly contacted to assist you according to your needs.


Requirements to apply for a mortgage – Find Loans

Here are the main requirements and the path to take

First of all it is good to know that a loan request cannot be accepted without the Bank assessing the applicant’s requirements . He will also have to take all necessary precautions to verify his ability to repay.

Legal requirements, you must be a citizen:

– Italians residing in Italy

– Of member states

– Foreigners with regular residence in Italy


– Minimum 18 years

– Maximum determined by the Bank based on the type and duration of the requested loan

Repayment capacity

Repayment capacity

The Credit Institutions are very cautious before granting a mortgage loan and in this regard the Bank activates the preliminary investigation which consists in verifying that the applicant is in possession of the requirements to request a mortgage ( legal and economic) and that the property is a sufficient guarantee .
Basically the applicant will have to demonstrate his income capacity , therefore have an income that can support the payment of the monthly installment for the requested loan.
The installment is calculated at the current interest rate, recorded at the valuation date and should not exceed one third of your monthly income. It is advisable to verify that the Bank does not request a subsequent valuation with the rate calculated in the days preceding the stipulation, this because, should the rate be higher, it would entail a reduction of the agreed amount.

Another aspect, of minor importance, however considerable as regards the requirements for requesting a loan , is the personality of the applicant whose good faith, reliability and correctness are evaluated.

It could be very useful, before any initiative, to assess the actual repayment capacity of the loan , calculating the installment and the amount of the loan which should be proportionate so as not to weigh heavily on the family or personal budget.
They are very simple calculations that give a clear view of the situation and often help not to make mistakes in buying the property. Do you want to apply for a mortgage? Do it HERE